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World Environment Day 2012: Shangri-la

On the morning of June 2nd activities were held in Tancheng Square, Shangri-la, marking the 40th anniversary of the United Nation’s World Environment Day. Sponsored by the local government, the event was co-hosted by the State Environmental Protection Agency and organised in a joint effort by Shangri-la Vocational College and the Water School regional co-ordination centre. Main participants of the day’s activities included representatives from state environmental protection departments and other relevant government bureaus, not forgetting teachers and students from four project pilot schools who’s hard work made the day a great success.

Stalls were set up at 7:30am with information about the Water School project, Climate Change Education and what volunteer opportunities there are for community members to take part in conservation activities.

Left: Water School student volunteers from get prepared. Right: Students from Dukezong Primary School dress up and perform traditional dances

A range of performances took place including a lively fashion show by Nishi Primary School (top left) and a singing performance by students from Xiang County No.2 Middle School (bottom left). The main event though was by teachers and students of Shangri-la Vocational College (right hand column), their energetic performances of traditional song and modern dance proved to be a big crowd pleaser.


The audience had a whole range of different members of the community

Other activities included promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly mode of transport, a name signing activity asking more people to promise to take part in conservation activities and lastly a special free performance by the group 'Sons of Eagle'

At the same time some sport events also took place, this particular contestant would not rest until she was able to take part and after showing the young people who it's done walked away with a prize of her own.

The official webpage for the World Environment Day can be found at: