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Water School for a Living Yangtze: Qinghai

Located in Zhidoi County at the source of the Yangtze River in Qinghai, Yushu Jigya Primary School has a total of 809 students and 75 teachers. Recently, two particularly interesting activities have taken place:

Investigating the impact of harvesting Chinese Caterpillar Fungus on grassland ecosystems. This fungus has a long history of being used or Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine, it is hand-collected and due to its high value it is an important source of income for local communties on the Tibetan Plateau. Students took part in learning about not only the history in tradition behind this mushroom medicine, but also what impact the process of digging for it has on their local environment.

Another activity at this school involved students taking part in “Research & action on grassland plagues and natural disasters”. Living in an area vulnerable to extreme weather conditions including regular earthquakes (on April 14, 2010 an earthquake in Yushu autonomous prefecture took the lives of over 2,500 people), it is essential for students to form a solid understanding of their local climate and geography.

Jigya Primary School

Teachers and students who take part in organising Water School activities


View over school and Zhidoi County