Environmental Policy

洛桑都丹 (彭建生)

SISC aims to minimize its ecological footprint through the following policies:


We will seek to reduce the use of fossil fuels and electricity in our operations by:

  • Keeping air travel to a minimum
  • Using public transport for local travel whenever possible
  • Increasing our use of video/phone conferencing
  • Purchasing locally produced products wherever possible
  • Opening windows and doors in preference to using air conditioning
  • Only using air conditioning when the temperature is above 32°C
  • Ensuring all doors and windows are closed when the air conditioning or heating is on.
  • Not heating or cooling the building after 18.00 and at weekends when few people are in

We will invest in energy efficient lighting and heating wherever possible. All our Community Learning Centres and the new Sustainable Learning Centre in Kesong are fitted with solar panels. We are currently investigating other renewable energy sources such as biogas, hydro and wind power as well as bio-toilets.


We will continuously seek ways to reduce our use of materials and our waste production, such as:

  • Reusing paper whenever possible
  • Using recycled or environmentally friendly paper and products for all communications and publicity materials
  • Minimizing our purchase of plastics and non-recyclable products
  • Providing recycling collection areas and recycling all paper, card, glass, cans and tins, plastic bottles, bags and polyethylene wrapping.

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