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 [Beijing office]

Liu Yunhua Yunhua is the Founder and Director of Shangri-la Institute. Prior to this, she served as Director of the WWF China Education Program for over 10 years. As part of the national ESD Program she initiated the community education program on the Tibetan Plateau in 1994. Yunhua studied environmental science at Bard College and gained a Masters from St. John’s University in New York. She has written several articles and chapters on the connection between Chinese culture and ESD.




Xie Peihong (Philip) Philip is Shangri-la Institute’s Vice-Director. He has 12 years of experience as a senior Chinese diplomat in Southeast Asia and Canada, among other places. He has also worked as a financial consultant in Canada and China for more than a decade. Philip studied Sociology at New York State University and has published two novels about conservation in China.





Wan Lu Wan Lu has a background in biodiversity and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education for Sustainability at London Southbank University (distance learning programme). Wan Lu has worked for SISC for 5 years and is in charge of Operations.


Zhang Meilan SISC’s financial management coordinator, she has worked with the Institute for over three years. Meilan oversees the use of funds for each project, as well as financial accounting work, and ensures smooth communication of financial information with SISC stakeholders on a regular basis. A graduate of Renmin University of China with a major in accounting, she has previously worked on accounting, auditing and financial issues in a professional capacity for a number of years.


Shi Li A graduate of Central China Normal University with a major in literature, since 2009 has worked full time for the Institute, helping to coordinate the Waterschool China program implementation, in particular the Shanghai and Hubei areas. She’s also responsible for development and editing of SISC’s Chinese-language web-based materials, and print brochures.

Chen Binghua (Douzi)
 Douzi has a Masters of Environmental Sciences from Nanjing University and is the program coordinator for the Waterschool China project in the Shangri-la region.






Duojie Caidan Duojie is from Qinghai, an ethnically Tibetan area in the west of China. He is the Program Coordinator for the Waterschool China project, as well as a PhD candidate in Tibetan Culture at the Central Nationalities University in Beijing.


LucyLucy Binfield Lucy works on the Shangri-la Institute’s overall communications and fundraising strategy. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honours from Imperial College, London and ENS Paris and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Lancaster University. She is originally from north-west England.  


Ding Yaoqing SISC’s resource development coordinator. A graduate of Nanjing University (BSc.), Strathclyde University (PGCE), Griffith University (MEd.), Beijing Normal University (MSc. and PhD.). He is a researcher and editor at People’s Education Press and has nearly twenty years experience in the field of studying and writing of geography textbooks for middle schools in China. Yaoqing has expertise ranging from environmental education and geography curriculum and instruction materials development to facilitating teacher training workshops to promote sustainability.


Li Qing (based in Chongqing) SISC’s Chongqing program coordinator, since 2008 in charge of the local Waterschool China implementation. Li Qing has long-term experience with environmental education and ESD issues, as well as extensive experience of professional training, project design and management.



HuiyingHuiying Song Huiying has been working for the Institute for three years now, covering finance and accounts in the Beijing Office. She is a certified public accountant.




[Shangri-la Office]

Wendegomba (Gomba) Gomba has over 7 years of experience in sustainable community development work and is currently a Program Coordinator for SISC’s Community Education programme on the Tibetan Plateau. He is also studying a distance learning Masters degree at London Southbank University.






Qu Zong Qu Zong is from a Tibetan village near to Deqin. She assists with finances and accounting at the Shangri-la Institute. In her spare time she enjoys singing and dancing.



Lhatso Lhatso is a Shangri-la local. She has a background in tourism and speaks good English. She is in charge of finances in the Shangri-la Office.



Tashi Tashi is from a village near to the Napalinka Community Centre. He has worked for the Shangri-la Institute for many years. He is currently managing a local organic food enterprise to provide better incomes for community farmers.



Jiang Chu Jiang Chu is a Shangri-la local. He has a passion for bird watching and leads guided bird watching tours around Napahai Lake. He is also the Shangri-la Institute driver.



Budu Budu is from the Tibet Autonomous Region. He lives at Napalinka Community Learning Centre and takes care of the centre’s daily upkeep. He is a talented embroiderer and leads traditional Tibetan embroidery classes at the centre.



Xiang Ba Xiang Ba is helping to manage the Napalinka Community Learning Centre. She has a passion for singing and is a devout Buddhist.



Li Xian Li Xian is a Tibetan from Qinghai province and trained as a professional Thangka painter. He teaches Thangka painting at Napalinka Community Learning Centre.



Suona-nima Suona-nima is a talented dancer and leads traditional Tibetan dance classes at Napalinka Community Learning Centre as well as assisting with eco-tourism projects.



Zhuoma Zhuoma is a Shangri-la local and a graduate of the school of healthcare. She provides community training on women’s healthcare for the Shangri-la Institute.