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Shangri-La Institute’s Summer inter Ellie Patey on her experience working with us

I have been lucky enough to spend the last four weeks living and working in Shangri-La, an area in the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture that is rich in culture, wildlife and bio-diversity….

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“Young Citizens for Climate Change” project summary

This year, the German Embassy and SISC cooperated in the environmental education project “Young Citizens for Climate Change”, which was carried out in 15 primary and middle schools of 5 provinces from…

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Students Push Back Against Rising Tide of Municipal Waste in Rural China

This post is reprinted from The Wilson Center‘s Environmental and Security Program, New Security Beat. Nestled in the mountains of western Sichuan Province sits the town of Piankou. Surrounded by three nature…

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The 2016 International Conference on Climate Change, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for the Sustainable Development Goals: Policy and Practice

In 2016, Wande Gomba, a representative from SISC and the Greater Shangri-La RCE, submitted a paper on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for the 2016 International Conference on Climate Change, Biodiversity and…

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背景: 全世界每四分钟就有一名儿童在公路上死亡,数百名儿童受伤;每天有 2000 多个家庭因非故意伤害或“意外事故”而失去孩子,变得破碎;每年近130万人死于道路交通车祸,2000万至5000万人受伤。这些意外事故给儿童自身或家庭中的母亲、父亲、兄弟姐妹、祖父母以及朋友带来难以承受的悲痛。同时,这种意外事故的悲剧可能彻底改变了人们的生活。然而,这种悲剧本可以预防、甚至可以避免。 一些数据显示,道路交通安全伤害已成为15-29岁年龄人群的主要死亡原因;90%以上的道路交通死亡和伤害发生在低收入和中等收入国家;如果任由事态发展下去,到2030年,道路交通伤害将成为第五大死亡原因,而据2004年的数据,道路交通伤害在十大致死原因中排在第九位。 2010年3月2日,联合国大会通过决议,宣布2011年至2020年为道路安全行动十年。决议指出,行动十年的目标是通过在国家、区域和全球各级开展更多活动,稳定并降低全球道路死亡率。 作为联合国道路安全十年行动(2011-2020)的合作伙伴,国际汽联开展了“国际汽联道路交通安全行动项目”,并作为《十年行动》内容之一。 简介: 中国道路交通安全教育项目由国际汽车联合会发起,中国汽车摩托车运动联合会全力支持,香格里拉可持续社区学会目前在三个区域策划执行该项目。该项目是FIA道路交通安全行动的组成部分,是香格里拉可持续社区学会实践可持续教育的重要组成部分。 实施: 1、项目通过开展教师培训,提升教师开展道路交通安全教育所需的知识与技能;提升学校应对道路交通教育安全问题、降低安全风险的能力。 2、项目在学校开展必修课程、特设及日常活动,培养学生安全意识及道路交通安全行为习惯,鼓励学生发现和解决当地道路交通安全问题,吸引社区成员、家长乃至更广泛利益群体关注道路交通安全问题提升公众安全意识以降低交通事故伤害。 目标: 提升公众交通安全意识,为儿童及我们创造更加安全的出行环境 最新消息: 根据项目实施计划,已于2016年4月9-10日、13-14日、23-24日分别在香格里拉、武汉、重庆开展了2016年道路交通安全教育参与式培训会。(详情见Wechat)

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2016 Road Safety Workshops a Huge Success

The 2016 Participatory workshop for Road Safety Education in China has been held in Shangri-La (April 9-10), Wuhan (April 13-14), Chongqing in(April 23-24) April 2016. These workshops promoted road safety in an…

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SISC collaborates with the JUMP! Foundation

On Monday April 18th, 2016, The Shangri-La Institute for Sustainable Communities collaborated with The JUMP! Foundation (for information see their website here) and the Beijing Jintai Museum in Chaoyang Park for a…

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Regional Meeting in Inner Mongolia

On December 5 the regional meeting of the project “Young Citizen’s Initiative for Climate Change” was held at Tumote School in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Teachers of two project schools from Beijing, Guangqumen…

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“River of Life” workshop in Beijing concluded

SISC’s Blue Water project focuses on the South-North Water Diversion Project and how it affects the local communities. Over the last year, schools in Beijing and Xiangyang have successfully carried out several study…

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Living Yangtze by Eric Valli

 A multi-media exhibition sponsored by Swarovski Waterschool On September 9, Eric Valli’s Living Yangtze multi-media exhibition, sponsored by Swarovski Waterschool, launched in Shanghai.  The distinguished French photographer, film director and author Eric Valli travelled over…

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