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International Swarovski Waterschool Coordinators Workshop

From June 27 to July 3, Shangri-la Institute Director Yunhua Liu attended the Third International Swarovski Waterschool Coordinators Workshop in Austria. Other attendees included representatives from Swarovski Waterschool projects around the world, including the Waterschools in Austria, India, China, Uganda, and Brazil.

Besides sharing their experiences implementing Waterschool programs around the world, SISC representatives organized interactive exercises with Swarovski staff, introducing staff and their families to water conservation activities and traditional water culture.

In addition, a family event was held at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds theme park. At the event, representatives from various Waterschools presented and explained their work and respective cultural heritage to interested visitors, offering fun activities and learning opportunities for all ages. At the Waterschool China stand, the introduction in calligraphy was especially popular.