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“River of Life” workshop in Beijing concluded

SISC’s Blue Water project focuses on the South-North Water Diversion Project and how it affects the local communities. Over the last year, schools in Beijing and Xiangyang have successfully carried out several study tours and exchanges. Students and teachers have collected results of various water tests, conducted public polls in both regions, and kept the general public informed.

This year, aside from local efforts and joint learning activities with the Beijing Science and Technology Museum and to the Badaling Forest Experience Center, 28 Blue Water representatives from both regions attended the “River of Life” workshop in Beijing.

The participants shared and discussed their experiences and results while documenting the project’s progress. In order to protect the land and water and to observe the impact of the water transfer project, more excursions to Dangjiakou dam were scheduled to maintain and further improve our ongoing hands-on inquiry based learning experience about the impact of the South-North Water Diversion Project.