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“Young Citizens for Climate Change” project summary

This year, the German Embassy and SISC cooperated in the environmental education project “Young Citizens for Climate Change”, which was carried out in 15 primary and middle schools of 5 provinces from July 15 to December 31, 2015. The project promoted climate change education in the schools through teacher workshops, pilot school activities, experience exchanges and a closing seminar.

A task force of instructors designed a course of environmental education for the teacher’s workshop and developed the course materials. As part of preparation and networking, some teachers took part in a July climate change workshop hosted by Promotion for Civil Society, another NGO.

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Climate Change Education project

Beginning in early September, teacher’s workshops were held in Beijing (Sep 4), Sichuan (Sep 19), Guizhou (Sep 19), Yunnan (Sep 20) and Tibet (Oct 10). In each of the 5 regional teacher’s workshops, the leading instructor compiled a textbook with selected climate change information, taught according to local conditions, including historical and scientific background, as well as the status quo of climate change education today. They shared experience, exchanged ideas on case studies and worked out school activities. The instructor team and project coordinators then studied the pilot school activity plans and returned to the schools with feedbacks.

From the second half of September to December, the project was implemented as planned by all 15 pilot schools. The wide variety of activities included: Climate news reels, dramas and shows, as well as education on low-carbon emission, the environmental footprint, and adapting to climate change.

Beginning in December, all regions held closing meetings, summing up and sharing their experiences. The project was rated very successful and the teachers reported that our enthusiastic Young Citizens for Climate Change not only gained valuable experience, but also enjoyed the hands-on approach to environmental protection.