Community Education

Cultivating Kesong: The benefits of our farmland!

After three months of hard labour, some of the crops at Kesong Centre were already ready to harvest. It was such an enjoyable experience we’ve shared some of the pictures of our work below:

Plenty of excitement on the rapeseed field!

Friends from abroad help to plough the field.

After only a short time, the beauty of our farmland emerged..

At the end of July we enjoy the first fruits of our success— broadbeans! A group of students from Kesong Community came to help out and together we gathered enough to fill up four large sacks.



Cultivating Kesong: Spring Plowing

This year, Kesong Centre launched an eco-farming plan and rented 1½ acres of land near the centre, with this land we also offered local students of farming the opportunity to use it as a base for practice.

At the end of March, 40 students and teachers from Diqing Vocational School for Ethnic Minorities, along with staff from SISC came together to begin work cultivating the land. On day 1 they concentrated on planting barley, and in the days following the local Chinese “Qingming” festival (Tomb Sweeping day: a day dedicated to honouring ancestors) potatoes and other crops were also planted.

Here are some photos of the site:

Kesong Education: Recycling

Earlier this year, the Kesong centre began to teach Tibetan language classes three times a week. Focused mainly on strengthening student’s language ability from what they had learned in semester 1, we took a break from normal language classes to learn about environmental protection and held a handicraft class using recycled materials.

Let’s see how hard they are working…

In groups of two, the students got into action!

The first groups to finish proudly show us their completed work:

Activity two was finding used plastic bottles and making them into little pink pigs!

Finally, the results of our hard work are put on exhibition! Spectacular!

This main aim of this class was for students to realize that what many people regard as ‘rubbish’, can actually be recycled and with some handicraft skills can be made into something for them to treasure.

As soon as they heard we would make pigs out of used plastic bottles, everyone eagerly started collecting bottles! Moreover, we used left over paper from the ‘CD panda’ activity to make little pig babies for the plastic bottle activity. So-called ‘waste’ can in fact be something useful, perhaps it has just been labelled wrong.

Introduction to Kesong Community Learning Centre

Kesong Community Learning Centre was built during the picturesque Yunnan summer of 2009 in Shangri-la. The Community Learning Centre represents a whole new venture for Shangri-la Institute for Sustainable Communities and her donors – an eco-lodge embodying a truly sustainable way of life as well as a teaching and learning centre in close proximity to the community. In the future the centre hopes to be a platform for the dissemination of environmental protection and sustainable development knowledge in the Shangri-la region, as well as providing a means by which to preserve traditional and cultural heritage.