Public Event: “Nature and People”

SISC joined up with the Dutch Embassy, Beijing Forestry Society and IUCN  (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) in Honglingjin Park, Beijing, for a public ‘long walk’. This event aimed to raise public knowledge of forest ecology, biodiversity, water resources while bringing the public closer to nature through conservation activities and learning how to enjoy a healthy life.

Nearly 1,000 people attended, including primary school students from the Netherlands and China. SISC’s display featured the Water School for a Living Yangtze project, with project staff briefng participants on the plants and wildlife of the Yangtze River Basin. One game organised was based on the migration pattern of the black-necked crane from Qinghai to Shangri-la and the damaging effects of climate change on their natural habitat, introducing the public to the importance of positive action that contributes to the protection of the environment.

Climate Change Education for China: Chongqing

In this past year altogether some 890 students and 46 teachers took part in a range of activities.

Southwest University volunteers took children and their parents on a tour of Jinyun Mountain Nature Reserve, to participate in a plant identification training. It served as an opportunity for the nature reserve staff to build stronger links with the local community, as well as for the families to have better, direct experience of the nature.

Beyond this, the Haitangxi Primary School worked with students to raise awareness of environmental and climate change issues, to strengthen community links  and promote their connection to nature. Activities included planting of trees, fruits and vegetables in the school campus, leading battery recycling and proper waste disposal drives, displaying environmental-knowledge posters in communities and holding knowledge competitions, and promoting water conservation and traffic safety.

Photos from Haitangxi Primary School activities:

Staff Retreat

In October, staff from both Beijing and Yunnan offices joined together in Shangri-la to organise the NGO Financial Training course as well as meeting with members of the local community and project participants.


Water School Activities: Chongqing

Students from each grade in Qiaojiaotuo Primary School in Chongqing used the theme of water education in designing exhibitions for school corridors; they chose their class names under this theme, some of which came from the water culture in Chinese martial arts. An embroidery class at the school also focused on the theme of water, and an egg floating experiment class.


World Water Day 2012: Water School Activities

Beginning March 22nd 2012, Swarovski Water Schools across China are holding a range of interactive activities to highlight the theme of this year’s World Water Day: ‘Water and Food Security’, this day is particularly significant as it is also the first day of China’s National Water Week.