Greater Shangri-La RCE

International ESD Workshop “Horizon 2015”

The Shangri-la Institute recently attended the International Education for Sustainable Development Workshop, held in Bonn. The event was organised by the German Commission for UNESCO over February 27th and 28th and focused on the development of recommendations for activities beyond the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (DESD, 2005-2014). A total of 50 participants from 30 countries attended including: Gerhard de Haan – Chairperson of the German National Committee for DESD; Charles Hopkins – UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development; Olivier Laboulle – Head Secretariat, UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; Alexander Leicht – Chief, Section of Education for Sustainable Development and Daniella Tilbury – University Director (Sustainability). Shangri-la Institute contributed to the discussion on international ESD development, in particular sharing our experience from China and the role of our newly established Regional Centre of Expertise.

The Bonn Recommendations on ESD can be downloaded here.

Greater Shangri-la RCE

The Greater Shangri-la Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) was officially established in January 2012 with the support of the United Nations University. The Greater Shangri-la RCE acts as a regional hub linking diverse Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) stakeholders in the region, in order to document, collate, share learning and practice of ESD, and link with other ESD organizations nationally and internationally. The RCE has a wide range of partners including the Shangri-la Institute, China Ministry of Education, monasteries, communities, schools, ESD practitioners as well as representatives from business, government institutions and NGOs. For more information on the RCE, please download the brochure here.