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Education for a Sustainable China

Youth Environmental Leadership Program

Community Education

Waterschool China

Climate Change Education

Blue Water Project

Youth Environmental Leadership Program

Environmental Governance Programme

Young Citizen’s Climate Initiative

Forstwärts: Forestry Education

We support community-initiated education, conservation and cultural projects that empower local communities to engage in sustainable development.

Our programs currently include: Waterschool China, an educational initiative on sustainable water resource management for school children and local communities living in the basins of the Yangtze River, Yarlung Tsangpo River, Pearl River, and Hai River;  Community Education for Sustainable Development on the Tibetan Plateau, a community empowerment initiative aimed at improving livelihoods and protecting and preserving natural and cultural heritage; and the Youth Initiative for Beijing Water project, an effort to encourage public participation and youth leadership to promote sustainable water resource management in Beijing and Hubei.

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