Climate Change Education

“Climate change education is about helping learners understand and address the impacts of global warming today, while at the same time encouraging the change in attitudes and behaviour needed to put our world on a more sustainable path in the future.”

Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO


There is an urgent need for education to become an essential component of the international response to climate change. To effectively understand and adapt to the challenges posed by climate change it is vital to reach out to a broad audience and encourage the changes necessary for a more sustainable path to development. It is to this end that the Climate Change Education for China program is designed.


What is the Climate Change Education for China project?

The project is focused on developing educational materials and teacher training to help establish a foundation for the future Climate Change Education (CCE) effort. These materials address the ethics and social dimensions of climate change mitigation, helping our partner schools to work with local communities and to develop the knowledge, skills and values important to active participation in climate change response.

Climate Change Education for China works with teaching universities and middle schools in five areas of China. With the ongoing input from educational experts, the project also aims to integrate local indigenous knowledge and practice with the scientific, social and ethical concepts to develop a set of national guidelines for Climate Change Education. These will be submitted for consideration by China’s Ministry of Education.

For the most recent updates on the project, the latest Climate Change Education Report can be found in the Resources section.



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