Community Education for Sustainable Development

Community Learning Centres

SISC works with communities to jointly establish Community Learning Centres (CLC), which are utilized by community members to facilitate individual and institutional learning. A CLC is a platform for building capacity and enhancing knowledge, skills and values at the individual level through skills training and through participation in community activities. It is also a key instrument in facilitating institutional learning for the community by providing a location to share collective wisdom, discuss, negotiate, listen to different opinions, and make collective decisions that inform collective actions.

CLCs are constructed by the community, using local materials and are owned and managed by the community. The centres usually have a large meeting and activity room, which can be used for anything from training, to community meetings, to community entertainment such as traditional dancing. Resource rooms or libraries provide communities with access to books, artwork, articles, pictures, maps etc. There is also space to exhibit displays of local history, culture, biodiversity, and traditional knowledge. Some CLCs offer accommodation for visitors and cooking and dining facilities. All CLCs are designed to limit pollution or damage to the surrounding area and use solar panels to provide electricity.

There are currently nine Community Learning Centres (CLCs) on the Tibetan PLateau, set up in the following areas: Kesong, Bazhu, Yeri (Yongdui), Hamagu, Trinie, Dongzhulin Monastery, Dongshui, Jianzha and Baimaxueshan Nature Reserve.

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