Corporate Social Responsibility

At SISC we believe that sustainable development can be effective only with the cooperation from all sectors of society. Businesses and corporations, local NGOs, national and international institutions, schools and communities all need to ‘join forces’ to face the challenges of poverty, climate change, pollution and the over-use of non-renewable resources. Good Corporate Social Responsibility is about more than just ‘giving back to society’ or corporate philanthropy – it should be also about embedding sustainable and environmentally friendly ethics and practices into every level of a company’s processes and procedures.

Thanks to our long-term experience of work on poverty alleviation, environment protection and education, the Shangri-la Institute can support your company in making a valuable and long-term contribution to sustainable development. The possibilities range from taking part in Shangri-la CSR Programme – a series of corporate retreats in Yunnan combined with specialized workshops on environment and sustainability – to becoming involved in an aspect of our work, whether its community development or partnership on a specific project.

Long-term impact and transparency

As a registered, independent Chinese non-governmental organization, SISC is committed to financial transparency. We carry out annual financial auditing with the help of Price Waterhouse Coopers and copies of our financial reports are available on request.

We are also committed to making an impact both through grassroots community work as well as broader, national programmes. By partnering with SISC you’ll have an opportunity to firmly place CSR on the agenda of your organization, and to establish long-term cooperation with a reliable and experienced team.