Eco-China Initiative

The Eco-China Initiative will build on the Environmental Education (EE) guidelines jointly developed by SISC and the Ministry of Education to integrate learning on China’s rich and varied eco-systems, natural heritage and biodiversity into the national curriculum. Through interactive learning and hands on community projects, students will enhance the knowledge, skills and commitment needed to protect and preserve China’s unique natural eco-systems.

Project Objectives

The long-term objectives of the Eco-China project include bringing together schools and communities to:

  • Develop an informed and empowered citizenry
  • Create a learning community, which utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to learning and problem solving
  • Enhance and protect national, regional and local ecosystems and biodiversity, including forests, mountains, deserts, grasslands, wetlands etc
  • Promote greater understanding of social, economic and environmental interrelationships
  • Increase citizen problem solving skills and creativity in addressing environmental challenges

The learning and experiences from the Eco-China pilot project will serve as a demonstration for other schools of how to integrate ESD and eco-systems protection into their curriculum. The project will then be rolled out into other schools and the learning shared through links with other schools, communities, projects and initiatives under the umbrella of the Education for a Sustainable China network.

The first phase of the project (2011-2014) will include:

  • Curriculum and resource development
  • Training and capacity building for teachers and community educators
  • Implementation in 30 pilot schools around China
  • Joint student and community action
  • Establishment of a mechanism to disseminate learning and share experiences (at regional, national and international levels)

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