Waterschool China

Strategies and Approach

Reflecting the goal and mission of the Shangri-la Institute, the Waterschool China programme aims to enhance education, encourage stewardship, inspire hope, and build community sustainability.

The learning and action take place at three levels:

Individual level

Waterschool China seeks to enhance the knowledge, skills and commitment of teachers, students and community members that are relevant to sustainable water resource management.

Organisational Level

At the organisational level, institutional capacity relating to water education is strengthened in selected watersheds of the Yangtze, including: the Waterschool China Institute; Waterschool Regional Co-ordination Centres; and Leadership Teams, which are composed of representatives from schools, communities, nature reserves and monasteries.

Community Level

At the community level, Waterschool China provides a platform for social learning and connects with broader institutions to promote participatory decision making processes and influence policy formation among the multi-stakeholders in sustainable development.

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