Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction

Physical Reconstruction

Based on a field survey and suggestions of the partners,SISC allocated 2 million RMB to establish laboratories in the nine water schools, build Water Education Centres for Mianyang Teacher’s College (MTC) and Xianhai Central Primary School and reconstruct a canteen at Beijie Primary School in Dujiangyan.

The laboratories in each of the Water Schools have been supplied with much needed teaching supplies and equipment, including comprehensive water education laboratory equipment. Two Water Education Centres have been completed and benefit not only the schools but also the communities at large. The centres include more extensive laboratory equipment and also serve as a place to meet, hold activities and participate in experiments and learning at a greater scale than is possible in each of the laboratories at the individual Water Schools. The centres also take into account environmental considerations and include a small ‘wetland’, solar street lighting and effective rainwater collection systems.

Without access to dining facilities Beijie Primary School students were required to walk long distances back home for lunch or eat in the temporary shelters. With help from SISC the canteen has now been restored and students have been making good use of it since February 2009.

New Equipment purchased for Water Classrooms

Much needed equipment and teaching materials have been supplied to all of the 9 Water Schools in Sichuan including over 200,000RMB for the Sichuan Regional Coordination Centre at Mianyang Teachers College. Equipment and materials provided include: laboratory equipment such as test tubes, microscopes and water testing equipment, text books, blackboards, binoculars, cameras and computers. Students and teachers have been using the new facilities to conduct practical experiments and activities such as testing for water pollution, learning about the causes of earthquakes and natural disasters, and documenting local biodiversity.

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