Sichuan Earthquake Relief and Reconstruction

Water Resource Protection & Restoration

Following the earthquake, the nine schools in Sichuan and the wider community were supported in carrying out a variety of water education activities to enhance student awareness of water resources and water security and in the process, recognise, investigate and resolve local water issues.

On March 8th and 9th of 2009, 70 people from Mianyang Teacher’s College came to Beichuan Middle School to preside over class meetings around the theme, ‘Protect our Mother River – let us take action!’  The meeting involved nearly 1200 students. A series of activities were organised to educate about the need to protect water resources whilst simultaneously building the students’ self-esteem subsequent to the earthquake.

Student Activities

The 9 water schools have been conducting individual projects that include: local water resource protection, participatory activities with local communities, eco-restoration and safety skills. Students have been learning about these topics through a range of different subjects and disciplines including music, art, science, etc.

Individual school activities have included:

  • Understanding how the earthquake has affected local water resources through research trips to Tangjiashan quake lake and conducting surveys and interviews with local communities ( Beichuan Minzu Middle School )
  • Eco-restoration in the “3 Hui green islands” area (the intersection of the Fu River, Anjing River , and the Furongxi River ) -this important natural water resource and surrounding ecosystem was severely damaged during the earthquake and the subsequent flooding from the quake lakes. Students took and analysed water samples and held awareness creating activities with the local communities explaining how to protect water resources and set up recycling schemes. Local birdlife was also documented and bird boxes were put up to provide safe nesting spots. ( Dongchen International School )
  • Safety Education: students have been learning practical safety skills such as evacuation procedures, knowledge of escape routes, how to use a fire extinguisher etc.

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