Young Citizen’s Climate Initiative

With support of the German Embassy, the Young Citizen’s Initiative for Climate Change focuses on strengthening climate change education in schools across China, encouraging mitigation and adaptation to climate change through teacher training, student activities and curriculum development.

Using SISC’s existing network for sustainable development and education, as well as resources and teaching material of former projects, the Young Citizen’s Initiative for Climate Change will especially benefit from the experiences of the Forstwärts: Forestry Education, which helped to develop this model for interactive youth education in nature.

Project goals

Informed decision-making and active citizenship both require knowledge, skills and values. The project aims to teach these with innovative approaches to education. Using climate change learning as a general theme and a starting point, the project will also include knowledge on air pollution, the carbon cycle, and other conservation and environmental issues.

Building a connection to their natural surroundings helps to establish children as the future stewards of their environment – whether as responsible consumers, community leaders, or decision makers. The children will be in a position to join the ongoing development dialogue, applying their learning to the local circumstances. Building up local capacity is particularly important in China, due to its rapid urbanization, growing middle class, and increasing pressure on natural resources.